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How to have a long-lasting relationships!

Updated: Mar 29

Hi Beautiful woman.

I am not against divorce. I am divorced. But if you are like me and you want to have a long-lasting marriage where you can express yourself freely and live happy with that special person that you chose to be your life partner, I have a few things to tell you that may help you accomplish that.

First, love is not like success for example. Success is different for each person. For some of us is to have loads of money, for others it's to be recognized… travel the world… have a family… it can be different things.

Love is love. Like sadness is sadness. What makes us sad can be different, but the feeling is the same. Love is love, but the way we show it can be different.

When a relationship ends, we tend to say that was because we don't share the same dreams anymore, or one of the parts betrayed the other, or one want's to dedicate more to career, and so on. You see, none of this is truth. Those things are not the reason why a relationship ends. Those are the consequences. The reason is just one: both or one of the persons doesn't love the other anymore.

We humans tend to mistake passion for love, and the biggest problem of all is that the majority of us has lack of self-esteem and it's easy to see love in a simple affection when our level of need is high. But let's go back to our subject, healthy and lasting marriages.

Tips to make it work:

Make sure it's love

It might look obvious but it's not so simple. Be true to yourself and before you move forward on this article, make sure it's love.

Commit to it

Considering that what you feel for each other is love, it's time to make a commitment. Relationships are not easy. Two different persons, with different personalities, different likes and dislikes, living under the same roof can be challenging to say the least. But also has wonderful things. What I suggest you right now is to focus your attention on those good things. Write them down and make a commitment to make those things grow. But remember, it must be the two of you. This is not a one-person task. To be successful both of you must be committed to take the relationship to the next level.

Dedicate your love

It's a love relationship so all you need to do is love. Love each other. If you do this will flow much easier. Love is not just kissing and hot nights, if you know what I mean 😊. Love is respect, is taking care, is being friend, is sharing ourselves, our fears and dreams … If you both do this, it can't go wrong.

Be tolerant

Let me ask you one thing, are you perfect? Well, if you answered “yes” so sorry to tell you that you hardly will have a good relationship. No one can stand a perfect person. If your answer was “no”, I predict a long and lovely marriage. And why is this? Because if you know you are not perfect, you must understand that no one is, and if you have this in consideration you will accept the different way of thinking and being of your partner. We might be all different when it comes to express ourselves, but we are all made of love and we are all searching for it.

And my last and precious advice for you is to show your love daily in small things. Be creative.

Have a wonderful day, and I see you soon.


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