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Is it possible for a person to change?

Updated: Mar 29

How many times we hear that no one changes? But is it really truth that no one can change? Is it truth that we can’t change?

We all know cases of people who have changed and others that it seems to but with time they return to their old behaviour. The fault is in the essence.

If someone is living according with their essence, even if they want to change, will be just temporary. Sooner or later they return to their original state, their essence. But if they are living out of what they truly are, when they decide to change they will feel so fulfilled, so in peace with themselves that they will not want to go back to what they were. They find themselves.

So yes, I believe is possible a person to change, but if you are waiting for someone to do that, then you are in trouble. Don’t wait for someone to change because that can never happen and you will end up regretting the time you lost.

Don´t wait. Waiting is putting something on hold. And if it’s your life … I definitely don’t recommend as time will not wait for you.

Life runs, so get into the pace and run with her. Get on hold is losing all the opportunities that may be on the way.

If it’s you who are in doubt about changing, ask yourself why you want to change. It’s because of others opinions or because you feel that something is missing and it´s your behaviour that is preventing you from living a fulfilled and peaceful life.

Don’t wait for things to change. Change yourself first.



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