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Practice Life!

Updated: Mar 29

We live in a time where our lives are full of obligations and activities and most of the days we just pass by without living them. Maybe that’s why running is the sport of the moment.

It’s all so fast that we feel like time it's not enough to all that we have to do in a day. But days still have 24h and years 365 days, so if you feel that time is running through your hands

STOP and practice life!

Practicing life means living every moment with conscious, which mean being present.

The majority of us is missing the past or anxious about the future, but rarely enjoying the present.


Tomorrow, when you wake up, open the windows and feel the air renewing you. Feel the cold or the warm depending on where you are in this wonderful world full of contrasts and decide that at least for today you will live present and with meaning.

Don't eat just because you’re hungry. Eat to taste the food.

In the morning, say “have a good day” to your children, your partner, your parents with meaning. Hug them, kiss them, look them in the eyes and tell them you love them.

Find pleasure in everything you do, including your work. Even if it's not your dream job, while you are doing it, do it the best you can and know.

It may look that by doing everything this way apparently more slowly, the time that was already short, gets even shorter. But no, it won't. Because by doing the things this way you will be totally concentrated on what you are doing at that moment and one of the biggest problems for our lack of time is the fact that we have such busy schedules that we are doing one thing and thinking in the next one. The result is that we don’t truly dedicate our total attention to none of them.

If we feel that in the past we had more time, that’s because we didn't have so many tasks to accomplish.

The price to pay for this way of living is very high and the most affected areas are family relationships and our own health. So …

Slow down, Practice Life …

And be happy!


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