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If you want to help your teenagers to be successful and overcome difficulties at school and life in general,


 then this program is for you/them



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Why I created this workbook?


I created this workbook three years ago to help my son overcome a very hard time at school at the same time he was dealing with his first loss, her grandmother who he loved so much. He was 14 years old at the time.

When they’re youth they are not open to listen us, but they need help and answers to their questions, so I wrote what I thought was most important on demanding times. Not too much information, just the right one to get them back on track.

As a therapist I also work with teenagers with complicated behaviors, emotional issues, depression, doubts, fears, and so on. This is just to let you know that I get them. I understand them. And it cuts my heart to see them suffering.

This was why I wrote the book Growing Happy. Because I wanted to give parents something to work with them besides their work with me.

This workbook will help your teenagers to not only increase their motivation but also to become more confident, with a sense of direction of what they want in life.

In the end they will have:

  • reinforced good values

  • settled next school year goals

  • created a plan of action

  • awareness of their qualities and weaknesses

  • Know what changes they need to do to accomplish all that they want.

  • Increased their self-eestem.



This is for them:

Your success depends only on you!

It's in your hands. You're the only one with the power to change your life. You have the problem, but you also have the solution, and the aim of this workbook is to help you find it.

You have a whole structure around you to help you. You have your parents, teachers, colleagues, etc., but none of them can do anything if you don’t want to, so the main question is:


Are you willing to compromise with yourself to reach your goals?

If your answer is yes, you have everything you need right now to get started.

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Tropical Background

What they will get:


  • 6 exercises to do while they read it

  • 12 simple texts

  • 10 motivational quotes

  • 9 monthly reports to fill at the beginning of each month

  • 3 exercises to do before each school term to help them set their goals

  • 1 quiz to do before the last term

  • 1 map to record marks and grades.

  Who is this for:

Students from 12 years old to, I would say, 17 years old. Depends on their maturity and how lost they might be about who they are, what they think about school and their future.

Internet is full of “get rich fast” and even worst, messages that they don´t need to study to get rich and have it all. And if this is true for a minority, the majority should follow their studies to accomplish their dreams.


And even if they are excellent youtubers, causes no harm to have something that add them more knowledge, like a degree in an interesting subject.

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If your teenager wants to be successful at school and are willing to change to achieve the success they want then this workbook can be of great help.


Get yours for just 10$

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you and them enjoy the workbook.


With all my love


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