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If you want to start a vegetarian diet or just have a "eat clean" week once in a while, or even add some new delicious, easy and nutritive recipes to your menu


This program is for you



Get imediate access to the entire program


Everything we put in our bodies become us.


If we see things this way, we will probably be more selective with what we eat and start to make better choices.

Our body is a complex organism and need to be “fed” with a balanced diet including all macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

This program is an easy way to start eating more healthy and although not focusing on any specific nutritional needs, has in consideration all our needs as women.

Is also low in calories but you can adjust quantities to your personal needs and desires. 


Pink Background

What you will get:


A workbook with 37 pages with the whole program so you can repeated whenever you want, with:

  • a map with an overview of the week

  • 6 different breakfasts recipes

  • 6 different snacks recipes

  • 7 different lunches recipes

  • 4 different dinner recipes

  • 3 different morning waters

  This program is for you if:


  • you want to get healthy eating habits

  • you need a diet low in calories but with all the nutrients

  • you want to do a retreat from your normal diet

  • you want to start a vegetarian diet without compromising your health



If this sounds like you,

this program can be of great help.


If you give your body the nutrients he needs, he will thank you back with a boost of energy and wellbeing.


Get your program for just 10$

Thank you so much for being here and we hoop you enjoy the program.

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